Monday, October 19, 2009

The One Thing I Wish to Own More Than Anything in the World...

designed by revered naval architect john alden, she was first launched in 1929, named karenita. she has had many owners and other names since. this is her in the 1940's, named sirocco. she's a 75 foot ketch

here she is in the grenadine islands in the 1970's

and in the south of france in 2004, renamed her original 'karenita' and fully restored

she just went up for sale again. if i owned her i'd never let her go. i'd rename her sirocco-a hot wind that blows from the african sahara to the mediterranean. if only she could tell her tales

the interior, all mahogany, her deck is teak

lounge from a different angle

aft stateroom

navigation desk


  1. Hi there sorty are you feeling naughty with ET hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Hi there Jennifer;

    Can I be your first, follower that is "☺ ☺ haha"
    So how about that Jessica Watson hey. She is a very brave person, well we have one thing in common. Very nice blog you have, looks like you are into sailing too. Me well I am a land lover myself. I would like to have a ride on one of those tall ships if I ever had the chance, that would be so cool.

    I did see the The Bluenose II one time in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Canada.

    I started a blog to, it took me a bit to get it all fixed up. I can build and repair computers. But it took me 3 months to put a blog together.☺☺

    Well I'm not much into this blogging stuff,but I thought I would stop by to say Hi on your new site.

    You are welcome to check my blog out if you like. By for now.